Ida Bagus Anom Suryawan was born into a wood carving family in Mas village, Bali, Indonesia. For generations this family has been famous for its skilled carvers, and Anom was fortunate to have studied with his grand uncle, Ida Bagus Tilem, his older brother, Ida Bagus Oka, and his uncle, Ida Bagus Anom, all well-known wood carvers and mask makers. Anom not only brings over 30 years of experience carving into his work, but also his many years of experience as a masked dancer, shadow puppeteer, and puppet maker. His expertise in the Balinese arts has informed his work tremendously, allowing him to produce authentic and inspired masks. His success has brought him to United States to work at the San Franciscio Asian Art Museum and the Sante Fe Folk Art Festival. Anom also has a permanent mood mask exhibition at the San Francisco Exploratorium. Please see the press links below for more information on his activities.

These days, Anom can be found in Bali or the US where he leads mask making workshops and retreats, and continues to carry on the legacy of authentic Balinese mask making passed down in his family.

Dancing in Balinese Mask


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*Astina Gallery is located in the heart of Mas village in Bali, Indonesia. Mas Village is known to be the center of mask making and woodcarving activities on the island. Astina Gallery was built in the 1970’s by Ida Bagus Anom’s father, Ida Bagus Made Geria. During that time, Made Geria was a world famous masked dancer, shadow puppeteer and musician, and he created the gallery to support his family and the wood carving community of Mas village. In those days, it was not uncommon to enter Astina gallery and find dozens of men and women working on elaborate masks and carvings. Today, the Astina household still houses a vibrant carving community, but has also opened its doors to the rest of the world attracting hundreds of students each year.